God made you for a reason. There's no one on earth like you. You're unique.

Facing the Giant in Your Life

"The giants in your life...just think of them as stepping stones."

Do I Fit In?

"Shine out like candles and maybe they'll see His love through you choosing not to "fit in"."

How Much Work Has Been Done?

"You only live one life, make for sure that you live it right...and to the absolute fullest."


10 Bible Verses to look to this February

"There's no greater love than His."

6 Ways to be Reminded of God's Love for You

"We are so undeserving, unworthy of His love, yet He gives it to us freely."

Your Role is Important

"God puts you where He thinks that you should be for a purpose...He has a plan!"

You're Beautiful it's True

"You're no one else, but you."

Try a Little Kindness

"There's nothing bad about being kind..."

What will I Leave Behind?

"Don't make your time all about the material things of this world, invest it in the people and living life to the fullest by investing your life in Jesus Christ."

10 Bible Verses for the month of March

"Start this month off right...with Him."

Romans Road

"Put your hand over your heart...that small beat is what stands between you and your eternity."

How I Study my Bible

"God's given us our manual for living life, we need to apply it and use it for our own lives."

I Choose Love

"I choose peace, love, and happiness."

Like a Child

"Her occasional giggles and her constant smile got me to thinking...if a child can be this happy about Jesus, why can't an adult be that way?"

10 Bible Verses for the Month of April

"He loved us so much, that He not only died, but He arose. He offers a way out of this world...through Him."

That's Love.

"It took a man named Jesus."

Not my Will.

 "But did you ever stop and this God's will?"

10 Bible Verses for the month of May

"As Christians, we rely on God's word for growth and maturity in our day to day walk."

It Starts with the Inside

 "To be beautiful, it starts with the inside."

Our Mountains and Hills

 "...but through that mountain God can teach you some of the best lessons."  

His Timing

"...we need to step back from trying to control our own lives..." 

10 Bible Verses for the month of June

 "Don't forget God, because He just gave you that breath."

Are You Willing?

 "Whatever you call me to do...I'll do that very next thing."

You are Loved.

 "...God's love for you is deeper than the ocean, higher than the mountains..."

A Better Me

"The Bible is a roadmap to your life. You need to follow it!" 

10 Bible Verses for the Month of July

 "I thank God for the Country that I live in, but I have something even better...freedom in Christ and it lasts forever!"