God made you for a reason. There's no one on earth like you. You're unique.

Katlyn Grace

Writer of Rosepetalsandfaith


Hi! My name's Katlyn Grace, author of Rosepetalsandfaith. I'm a dreamer from a small town in West Virginia. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and Him dying so that everyone could live. I'm quite a lover of photography. I like to capture life's moments and treasure them for life. I'm also into makeup, fashion, home cooking and baking; I also love to try something new every once and a while. But something I have come to love is giving advice to others and sharing the love of Christ. I love being able to sit down with a cup of coffee and type something that I would like to think would help someone along life's way.

The point of my blog, Rosepetalsandfaith, is to help anyone from kids to teens to adults and to inspire weekly. My personal message and what I hope everyone knows is that they're beautiful, and that they have a purpose on this earth. I want everyone to know that they're special and unique.

If you have ANY questions or just need some encouragement, email me at: